0 9 Things Not to Fret About on your Wedding

Today, let’s share with you some of the details you shouldn’t worry about on your wedding. The little things can weigh you down if you are not careful and rub you off the joy of the day. There are things you have little or no control over. These issues are small stuffs that will not affect your day in a big way; you should just let go and act like you never noticed at all. Enjoy your day! Continue reading

Weddings 101
0 The 4Cs of Diamonds

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. How true! Every bride-to-be loves diamond jewellery hanging gracefully on her neck, sparkling on her finger or shining on her ears. Diamonds are the most precious and most valued gemstone in the world. Continue reading

Weddings 101
0 Wedding Cake Shapes

Wedding cake shapes have gone beyond the usual two basic shapes – round and square. Since your wedding cake will be in a conspicuous position at the reception, you have to pick a cake shape that describes your style. Ask yourself, ‘do I love the shape’? Continue reading

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